Warranty Direct lets you use the repair facility of YOUR choice (dealer, national chain, local mechanic) and pays your claim quickly and efficiently by phone via their corporate credit card. Simply present your Warranty Direct Membership Card to the service professional, who in turn will contact their claims department. You simply pay your deductible (if any). Warranty Direct covers parts, labor and even sales tax, if applicable.

There is no paperwork, no need to lay out any money, and no limit on the number of claims you may have. With over 50 people dedicated to handling claims, they take pride in processing claims faster than anyone else in the industry. Warranty Direct has done business with over 21,000 repair facilities across the country; their acceptance is the widest in the industry.  Why is Warranty Direct the best value?


That's the Warranty Direct difference.

A blanket of protection for your vehicle and peace of mind for you.