Because reducing your risk is what it's all about. We are aware of no other company that offers you coverage as comprehensive as theirs, with fewer exclusions, better contractual benefits for the buyer, and the financial stability of an almost 30-year-old company that has sold and administered nearly 2 million warranties and paid over $500 million in claims.

With others, that is not the case. You are really buying a plan from an unknown third-party company. It is that company that you need to research, and it may not even be approved to sell in your state. You may find a lower price but you'll never find a better value. The more you review Warranty Direct's offering and the more you know the facts about cheaper online offerings, the better Warranty Direct looks. We all know the feeling of getting the cheapest price, only to find out the product did not deliver as advertised. That may be fine with bargain grocery-store items but can you really afford to take risks with a warranty for your car?

Our visitors tell us they are looking for comprehensive coverage and benefits, and a documented, financially-stable company. No other company can match Warranty Directís reputation, comprehensive coverage, outstanding benefits and longevity. Their FREE 24x7 roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, and trip interruption are all part of one insured contract. You may find cheaper coverage but you won't find more comprehensive coverage nor a company with a better track record than Warranty Direct.


That's the Warranty Direct difference.

A blanket of protection for your vehicle and peace of mind for you.